Breast Augmentation faq

What is the difference between breast augmentation and breast implants?

Basically Nothing. Breast implants are used to perform breast augmentation.  The terms are used interchangeably even though Breast Implants are the device and Breast Augmentation is the procedure.

What is the breast augmentation process?

Breast augmentation is achieved by placing implants behind the muscle in our ultra sophisticated cosmetic breast surgery practice using the most modern approach, through an incision in the armpit using a surgical camera (transaxillary endoscopic submuscular dual plane breast augmentation).  Using this approach the pocket is meticulously created under direct vision giving precise control over the shape and direct vision so there is no bleeding or bruising.   Either saline or silicone implants can be placed using this approach because of our vast experience with procedure over more than 20 years. The surgery is an outpatient surgery performed in our private AAAASF (QUAD-A) certified surgery center under general anesthesia administered by our own board certified anesthesiologists.

How do I pick the implant size that looks best on me?

The best way to determine the size that fits your perception of the perfect breast is to try on sizers. That way, you can see how they fit on you, how they add to your current breast volume, and whether they fit your frame. Although your surgeon can guide you and otherwise may make suggestions, only you will be able to tell what size you will be comfortable with every day. Try on several sizes at our office and discuss your goals with us. We will help you with the appropriate base diameter, projection, profile, manufacturer, and fill material to achieve your desired results. In addition, showing the surgeon photographs of outcomes that you like and that you don’t like gives them a visual understanding of what you are trying to achieve.  Putting together your anatomy, desired look, desired size and the surgeon’s experience we can choose an implant that will meet your needs.  Because we have our own surgery center and specialize in breast augmentation, we have thousands of implants in stock.  This means that you have all the way up until the moment of surgery to finalize your decision.  In other practices, they order a pair of implants for you, and on the day of surgery you are stuck with whatever they have brought to the third party surgery center.

Your surgeon’s experience and the degree to which they explain the options to you are of utmost importance. The subtlety in the outcome is not only achieved by which profile implant is used. It is determined by the skill in creating the pocket and choosing the appropriate implant.

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