Breast Reduction FAQ

How big do your breasts have to be for a reduction?

If you are uncomfortable with the size of your breasts, they are big enough for reduction surgery. In addition, you have your breasts lifted as a part of the reduction procedure.

Is breast reduction surgery painful?

Most patients feel some mild pain for the first few days, but it begins to subside after that, and patients are usually surprised to find that it is not nearly as painful as they feared. Pain medication manage any discomfort quite well.

Do breasts grow back after reduction?

Once breast tissue is removed, it does not grow back.

Is breast reduction a good idea?

If the size of your breasts affects your health, posture, how your clothing fits, or makes you self-conscious, breast reduction can improve your life in many ways.

What is the recovery time after breast reduction surgery?

We advise patients to take a week off work after breast reduction surgery. After returning to work, avoid strenuous activities for about a month, slowly adding exercises such as low-impact cardio and building up from there. By two months, you can begin engaging in more strenuous physical activities. If you experience pain or swelling, back off a bit. During the recovery phase, you need to sleep on your back, propped up on pillows.

How soon will I see results?

You will see the results immediately. It can take up to six months before your breasts assume their final shape. Be patient and give them time to heal fully. Patience and kindness to your body are essential. The results will be worth it!

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