Mommy Makeover Frequently Asked Questions

The mommy makeover San Antonio is a popular option for mothers who are unhappy with the effects pregnancy has had on their body, and subsequently, their self-esteem. Mommy makeover is a surgery that is some combination of a breast procedure with a body procedure.  The breast options are breast augmentation, breast lift, and breast reduction.  The body options are liposuction or tummy tuck.  Whichever combination gives you back the body you had prior to pregnancy, or even gives you the body you always wanted but never had, is mommy makeover San Antonio that is right for you.  Only you and Dr. Gary Lawton  mommy makeover San Antonio specialists can make the decision after extensive consultation and evaluation. Here are some common mommy makeover San Antonio questions that we answer every day.

What is a Mommy Makeover? 

A Mommy Makeover is a combination procedure that addresses the most important body image concerns that women have after pregnancy. The goal of mommy makeover San Antonio is to return the patient’s body and more importantly their self-esteem to pre-pregnancy contours.

Is a Mommy Makeover Right for Me?

The mommy makeover San Antonio is custom designed to meet your expectations, address the specific areas that you want to change, and to sculpt your body using the most sophisticated techniques to the technically exceptional image of what can be accomplished with your anatomy.

If you have decided that mommy makeover San Antonio is right for you, we will help you determine how to best prepare you for the recovery, wound healing, and ultimately the body that meets your expectations.

What Should I Expect during My Mommy Makeover Consultation?

Your safety and success of the mommy makeover will depend on the well thought out plan, the extensive preoperative evaluation, and the detailed, scientific, and carefully considered postoperative care you will receive from Dr. Gary P. Lawton  mommy makeover San Antonio specialists. During the consultation, you will be evaluated regarding your overall health, lifestyle, and potential for a smooth, well planned, well-executed procedure.

You should define your goals and expectations so Dr. Gary P. Lawton and you can design a customized mommy makeover San Antonio that will fulfill your expectations and give you back your pre-pregnancy body and self-esteem. We will discuss what options are available and what combinations would be recommended to reach your goals.

During a mommy makeover consultation, you will be given as much time as you need to ask all of your questions and express your goals and expectations. If you have any questions or concerns before you book a mommy makeover, San Antonio, feel free to contact us.  We will be happy to answer your questions about the mommy makeover, even after you leave the consultation.  All visits are free.  This is an important decision, and we want to be sure you are completely satisfied with the plan, the procedure, and the outcome.