Breast Lift FAQ

How painful is a breast lift?

Most patients report that there is very little pain after breast lift. There may be some discomfort around the incisions, as with any surgery, but it does not last long and is easily controlled with medications.  Our advanced wound healing protocols using homeopathic and integrative medicine make the process even less difficult.

Is a breast lift healthy?

A breast lift does not affect your breast tissue or the nipple. It simply lifts the sagging skin supporting the breast. You will find that your bra and clothing fit better after a breast lift, and your breast function is not specifically affected.

What is breast lift surgery recovery time like?

We advise patients to take a week off from work to recuperate at home. You can work from home immediately, and can return to the office after one week. You can wear a soft cup bra at the one-month mark and begin low-impact cardio workouts. After two months, you can engage in more strenuous activities and return to wearing an underwire bra if you choose.

What is the purpose of a breast lift?

A breast lift restores perkiness and proper proportion to sagging breasts, reducing the size of the nipple diameter. Your breasts will have a more youthful, shapely appearance.

Can I have implants done at the same time?

A lift with an implant is controversial for two reasons. First, when you perform a lift, you are making everything tight and closing the wounds under tension. If you add the expansive forces of the implant simultaneously, you are fighting against yourself. There are forces on the wound that try to separate them, resulting in broader, thicker, more irregular scars. In the worst case, the wounds will open. Second, the combination of a breast lift and augmentation can lead to nipple necrosis (death of the nipple) due to external pressure on the veins supplying blood to the nipple.

The literature is quite clear about the risks of lift and implant performed together, so in an effort to keep the cost of two surgeries from influencing your decisions, we have arranged the staged operation costs as the same as if the two procedures were performed at the same time. We believe it is better to have the lift first and then the augmentation after everything has healed. The outcomes of the two meticulously planned operations are much better and more aesthetically pleasing, with a safer result. It is also entirely possible that you will be happy after just the lift, making the implant surgery unnecessary

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