Double Incision Mastectomy Surgery in San Antonio 

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Double Incision Mastectomy surgery is a specialty of Dr. Gary Lawton.  He has been performing the operation for over 20 years and has completed thousands of procedures with exceptional results. 

The surgery entails the removal of the breasts and reconstruction of the chest. The Double Incision Mastectomy surgery is performed for patients who are transitioning from female to male, as well as for gender-neutral patients, and all other gender variants where patients desire to change the appearance of their chest.

We do not require that the patients define their gender, produce letters to support their carefully thought-out gender variant, or jump through antiquated hoops in order to have the surgery that allows them to express their gender identity.  In Dr. Gary P. Lawton’s opinion, surgical consent and a clear and rational desire to have the surgery is the patient’s right. 

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Initial Evaluation for Double Incision Mastectomy Surgery 

There is an extensive consultation before the procedure is performed. There will be a thorough review of your medical history, and Dr. Gary Lawton will explain every detail about the procedure and also inform you of any alternative procedures that may be available. 

You will be informed of the possible risks as well as the benefits of Double Incision Mastectomy surgery. You will be given a chance to view the before and after photos, and all your questions will be answered to your satisfaction.

Part of the examination will also include measuring the height and the width of your breasts, as well as the position of the nipple. If there are any differences between your breasts, it will be brought to your attention. It is at this stage that you will highlight the various aspects of your anatomy that you would like to change.

After the detailed discussion, together you and Dr. Lawton will develop a plan that will deliver the best results possible. Dr. Lawton is committed to ensuring that after the initial visit, you will leave with a clear understanding of the procedure and what you can expect, and help you make an informed decision in regards to the Double Incision Mastectomy surgery. You can ask as many questions as you like, and will not be charged any fees for subsequent consultation visits.

Double Incision Mastectomy Surgical Procedure 

The Double Incision Mastectomy surgery will involve reconstruction of the chest in our private AAAASF Certified Class- C Surgical Center. This procedure should take about 1 to 2 hours to complete.

During this surgical procedure, the breast tissue and excess skin are removed, and the size of the areola is reduced. The nipple will also be repositioned to a suitable position and then the chest is reconstructed to give the appearance of a well-developed pec.

Before the surgery commences, general anesthesia is administered by a board-certified anesthesiologist so as to ensure that the patient experience is gentle and smooth. Postoperative nausea and pain is eliminated to the greatest extent possible.

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Double Incision Mastectomy Recovery Plan

You will be required to rest after the surgery as part of the recovery process. You will have medications, homeopathic, gels, creams, and vitamins that are aimed at relieving the pain and minimizing the scar. Everything will be aimed at alleviating the bruising and swelling as well as expediting the recovery.

The day after the surgery, you will be examined, and by the 4th or 5th day, the discomfort will be reduced to a great extent. After a week, you will be seen for drain and suture removal. At this point, you will be allowed to drive and return to work. 

Generally, it will take about 6 weeks for the wounds to reach 50% of their full strength. This is when you may resume cardiovascular exercise after a full Double Incision Mastectomy surgery.

You will be seen in follow-up at 1 day, 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and thereafter once a year forever. The follow-up visits will always be free.

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