Breast Implant Revision in San Antonio, TX by Dr. Lawton

Breast Implant Revision in San Antonio

Dr. Lawton’s Implant Revision Surgery in San Antonio can be used to improve the shape look and feel of your breasts, better than they ever were, even right after your first surgery. Dr. Lawton is an expert in this area.  He performs revisional surgery for patients from all over the world.  There is no situation that he cannot handle.  He has corrected implant malposition and shape abnormalities for 20 years and has thousands upon thousands of cases to show for it. Patients who have undergone breast augmentation and are unhappy with the appearance of their breasts may be candidates for revision.

The goals of revision may be to release a tight scar (capsular contracture), increase or decrease the size of the breast, replace a ruptured or leaking implant, change the breast shape, or improve the implant position. This highly complex and technically demanding operation is one that Dr. Lawton has mastered with his scientific approach and keen artistic eye.  His standards for your outcome are higher than your standards.  The pursuit of perfection is the goal for every case, every day, every patient.

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Breast Implant Revision Initial Evaluation 

At the initial consultation, your health history will be reviewed and the procedures you are interested in will be explained in great detail. Any alternative procedures, as well as the risks and benefits of surgery, will be discussed. You will view before and after photographs of Dr. Lawton’s patients, and all of your questions will be answered.

During the examination, your breast width, height, and nipple position will be measured. Any differences in the breasts from left to right will be evaluated. You will have the opportunity to point out the particular characteristics of your anatomy that you would like to improve or change. 

After an extensive discussion, you and Dr. Lawton will arrive at the surgical plan that will best achieve your goals. It is our commitment that you leave this initial visit with a clear understanding of your surgical options, so you may make an informed decision. We are happy to answer any questions you may think of later by telephone, email, or at another private consultation. There is never an additional charge for these subsequent visits.

Choosing The Right Size Of Your Breast Implants - Lawton Plastic Surgery San Antonio TX

Breast Implant Revision: Choosing a Size

Breast size is a personal choice. Implants come in a variety of sizes that can be tailored to meet your needs. The implants will be matched to your concept of the ideal breast. We will measure the height and width of your breasts to determine which implants will fit best on your chest wall. In addition, we will discuss the characteristics of breast shape and contour that you find pleasing. Using all of these tools, together we will arrive at the implant size that will best fit your needs. 

Breast Implant Replacement 

The breast implants are filled at the time of surgery with sterile saline, which is the same type of fluid that is used for your intravenous hydration. The volume of saline injected into the implants can be adjusted to achieve your desired shape characteristics, and to correct asymmetries in your breast size. The preferred implants are smooth and round. Because they have a smooth surface, the implants move naturally in the implant pocket, keeping them soft. The new and improved generation of implants appears to ripple much less than older style implants.

What Goes Into an Implant Revision Surgery?

Implant Removal Surgery is performed in our own private AAAASF Certified Class-C Outpatient Surgical Center. The minimally invasive Implant Revision Surgery procedure takes between 1 and 2 hours. For this outpatient Implant Revisional Surgery, we utilize general intravenous anesthesia administered by an elite group of carefully selected, highly qualified, board-certified anesthesiologists. The techniques employed are designed to provide a smooth, gentle anesthetic experience, and prevent postoperative nausea and eliminate postoperative pain.

Breast Implant Recovery Time in San Antonio TX

Breast Implant Recovery Time 

Rest is recommended after an Implant Revisional Surgery. At home, you will have medications to ease the muscle spasm and narcotic analgesics for the pain. We also prescribe antibiotics to reduce the risk of infection. Surgical vitamins, arnica, and bromelain are used to reduce the swelling and bruising, and to speed your recovery. 

We will see you in the office here in San Antonio the day after your successful Implant Revisional Surgery. By the fourth or fifth day, the discomfort should be significantly reduced. At one week, you will return for suture removal, and for instructions on how to massage the implants. By this time, you should be feeling well enough to be back to most of your normal activities. You should be back to work within this first week. Because it takes 6 weeks before the wounds reach 50% of their full strength, you will be able to return to vigorous activities only after this healing period. 

We will see you in follow-up at 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and every year thereafter. We will see you more frequently if necessary. There are never charges for follow-up visits.

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