Breast Implant Removal FAQ

Is breast implant removal expensive?

If you have symptoms of breast implant illness (BII), the cost of breast implant removal is outweighed by the advantages of removing the implants and the return to good health you may experience.

When should breast implants be removed?

If you have symptoms of breast implant illness, or an autoimmune disease aggravated by the implants, talk to your surgeon about whether removing your implants could improve your health or make treatment more effective.

Why do people get breast implants removed?

In some cases, excessive scar tissue may develop around breast implants (capsular contracture), causing pain and deformity may require removal of the implants with immediate replacement. Only a small percentage of patients develop any problems with their implants that require permanent removal.

Although breast implants can last for many years, they may not last a lifetime. As they age, some individuals opt to have their implants removed or replaced with more natural-looking alternatives that match their bodies’ changing contours.

Are breast implants hard to remove?

For explant (removal) surgery, it is best to completely remove the capsule. The capsule is the tissue that forms around the implant. When removed, it allows the space to heal cleanly without fluid accumulation. Before surgery, we will review your reasons for removing the implants, goals, and technical concerns.

What is the recovery time after breast implant removal?

We advise our patients to take a week off from work to recover at home. Stitches are removed after one week.  Cardio is not allowed for one month, and at two months, the patient can start more strenuous activities.

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