At Lawton Plastic Surgery, we are in pursuit of perfection. With a multifaceted perspective, our practice focuses on all aspects of the plastic surgery process, not only in the surgery itself, but also in the healing stages. We are here to support you in your surgery and recovery with nutrition tips, homeopathic methods, vitamins, wound gels, wound creams, scar treatments, compounded medications, and hyperbaric oxygen methods, just to name a few options.

Our surgery center, home to the most up to date and modern equipment, provides a comfortable atmosphere with all of the excellence and accreditation of a hospital, and none of the fuss or inconvenience.

photo of dr gary lawton

With competent, qualified, and helpful staff, including anesthesiologists and assistants (registered nurses and medical assistants), all of whom have been with Dr. Lawton for over 16 years, we can promise that your experience with Lawton Plastic Surgery will be a positive and satisfactory one.

Dr. Lawton, with over 25 years of experience, is dedicated to his patients and their desired results. Personally participating even in consultations, he strives to work with patients to develop an operative plan that suits their goals and anatomy. His goal is to see and create excellence in every patient experience. In his own words, “I see my patients every week if they need it.  I will see them on the weekends. I will see them every day. Whatever it takes.”

At Lawton Plastic Surgery, everything is critically evaluated and refined through process improvement meeting and patient feedback. We are constantly moving forward, advancing care, improving techniques, streamlining processes; ultimately, we want to provide the most comfortable, satisfactory, convenient, and excellent experience that we can.

Essentially, at Lawton Plastic Surgery, we never give up until our patients are satisfied, no matter what it takes. We genuinely care about every patient like they are a member of our own family, and we treat every member with respect and professionalism. In Dr. Lawton’s words, “I refuse to let a patient be unhappy with their outcome.” We are in pursuit of perfection, and in this pursuit, we achieve excellence.