What is Liposuction?

about liposuctionLiposuction is a surgical process where excess fat is removed from different parts of your body.  Typically, fat is removed from the abdomen, legs, buttocks, neck and arms, resulting in improved contours and proportions of your body.  Liposuction can only remove fat and thus is never used for treating cellulite.

Should I get Liposuction?

A couple things should be considered when deciding whether to undergo liposuction.

  • Liposuction is not a solution for obesity or a substitute for diet regulation or exercise.
  • While reports of patients removing almost 50 pounds of fat do exist, this is not recommended as removing too much fat can result in abnormal lumpiness or dents in the skin.
  • It is recommended for potential patients to be relatively fit and healthy at the time of surgery to reduce the chance of complications.

Before the Surgery

Initially, you will be asked to explain what type of procedure you are interested in to the doctor. Your body contours will be examined and you will be fully informed of the different surgical options so that you can make an educated decision.

During Surgery

After anesthesia is administered, liposuction cannulae (hollow tubes) will be inserted into small incisions in the area of treatment. An aspirator (suction device) will then remove the excess fat.

After the Surgery

Rest and antibiotics are generally recommended after the surgery to reduce the chance of infection. After 1 week, you will return to our office to remove the sutures. Discomfort should stop by the fourth or fifth day, but it will take about 6 weeks before your body is ready to resume vigorous activity.