Did you know that most people consider summer to be the “sexy” season? In fact, researchers have found that with the summer months comes an increase in intimate encounters for most people, due mainly to two facts: First, because of increased opportunities for socializing thanks to good weather, people are more likely to be out having fun in a social setting. And secondly, as the temperature rises, people simply show more skin in an effort to stay cool.

Are-you-ready-summerAre you ready to show some skin this summer? Spring is the perfect time to tackle some of the more significant cosmetic surgery procedures that you have on your wish list, as the timing will still allow for plenty of time to heal, having you in tip-top shape by bikini season!

You may be wondering, which procedures are we talking about here? The main three are breast implants, tummy tucks and liposuction, all of which require several months to fully recover. Because it takes about 6 weeks for these post-op wounds to reach 50% of full strength, it’s never too soon to get started!

If you are excited to show off your bod this summer, but first want to take care of a few “trouble spots”, give us a call! We can help you design a plastic surgery plan that will take you into swimsuit season and beyond with the confidence you desire!