One of the most requested and successful plastic surgery procedures is female breast reduction. The medical term for large breasts is macromastia, and when large breasts cause physical pain the condition is called symptomatic macromastia. The symptoms associated with symptomatic macromastia are:

• Chronic neck, back, and shoulder pain
• Chest wall painLess is more
• Headaches
• Poor posture
• Shoulder grooving
• Numbness and tingling of the hands
• Shortness of breath
• Sleep disturbances
• Rashes under and between the breasts and in the bra strap grooves
• Low exercise tolerance.


If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, then breast reduction may be right for you. Breast reduction surgery, also called reduction mammaplasty, is a highly effective treatment for symptomatic macromastia because it directly addresses the cause of your pain symptoms. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), prior to breast reduction surgery, half of 179 women with breasts DD or larger has almost constant upper back pain or pain in their necks, shoulders, or lower backs. After breast reduction surgery, only 10 percent of women had these symptoms.

That being said, don’t think that breast reduction surgery is only right for you if you’re experiencing chronic pain. If you feel that your cup size is not proportionate to your frame, one breast is larger than the other, or if you feel self-conscious and unhappy about the large size of your breasts, reduction mammaplasty can also be the right option for you!

If you’re experiencing any of the conditions associated with symptomatic macromastia or unhappy with the appearance of your large breasts, call the office today. We would love to take the time and discuss if breast reduction surgery is the right choice for you!