For some women, back to school time marks the beginning of “me time”. After all, while the kids are away, the moms will play.

Back-to-SchoolDoes your schedule open up a bit when your kids go back to school? If so, this is the perfect time for you to have that cosmetic procedure done that you’ve been thinking about all summer. Whether you are in the market for a full mommy-makeover or simply have a few “trouble-spots” that you want to fix, fall can be a great time to get started on your journey toward an even more beautiful you!

Here are some of the most popular enhancements on a mom’s wish list:

  • Breast Lift: Both pregnancy and breast-feeding have a tendency to make breasts sag and, sometimes, to shrink. During a breast lift procedure, we remove excess skin, reduce the size of the areola, and position the nipple to a more natural, higher position.
  • Tummy Tucks: Many people, not just moms, experience excess skin, fat and weak abdominal muscles at some point in their life. During a tummy tuck procedure, we remove the excess tissues and plicate the muscles for a tighter, younger looking tummy.

Don’t have kids? We still want to see you this fall! Due to the approaching holiday season, fall is a popular time for cosmetic surgery for almost everyone. Along with the holidays come parties, parties and more parties. Our clients want to look their absolute best at those parties and in the pictures that will inevitably be taken.

We are experts in enhancing the natural beauty of the body and face, no matter the season. Please give us a call so that we can set up your fall makeover appointment before space runs out!