Going away to college can be both exciting and overwhelming, an important milestone that marks a new beginning for students. We know that it takes a certain degree of confidence to embrace major life changes, and a simple adjustment to your appearance can give you the confidence you need to build a successful future. Our practice is dedicated to helping you feel comfortable in your own skin so that you are ready to welcome opportunities and conquer challenges with grace and positivity!

Breast Implants Giving the giftTo celebrate their new beginning in college, more and more teenagers and young adults are receiving the invaluable gift of confidence through breast augmentation from their parents. Unlike traditional graduation and back to school gifts, good self-esteem is priceless! Many women feel that they have been living in a body that does not reflect their inner character, and this disharmony between body and mind can inhibit you from achieving your academic, personal, and career goals.

The summer months (and winter break) present the perfect time to get the proportions you love and the confidence you deserve. Getting your breast enhancement procedure done during a vacation time is beneficial because school won’t interfere with your recovery, and the changes to your body won’t be obvious to your friends as you enter new social spheres in college.

From liposuction to breast surgery, we offer procedures that give both men and women the confidence to make a fresh start. Our staff values communication with our patients so we can evaluate your specific needs and make sure your procedure is comfortable and cost efficient. If you know someone who is starting college this fall, congratulate them with the chance to love their body and enhance their confidence!