man shirtlessWhat Exactly Are Male Breasts?

Gynecomastia is the medical term for the enlargement of the male breast tissue. Although this condition can be psychologically or socially uncomfortable, it is fairly common among men of all ages. Luckily, the enlargement of the breast tissue is benign, and there are treatment options.

How do male breasts form?

There are a few different ways in which men can form breasts. A very common cause of gynecomastia is when there is an imbalance of the body’s natural hormones. When male estrogen levels are too high, or if testosterone levels are too low, this can cause gynecomastia.

There are also a number of medications that can cause gynecomastia. These include:

  • Anti-adrogens, which are used to treat prostate cancer, prostate enlargement and some other prostate conditions.
  • Anabolic steroids.
  • Some anti-anxiety medications.

If you are at all concerned about the side effects of a current medication you are prescribed, or a future medication prescription, ask your prescribing doctor to review the side effects with you.

How am I evaluated for Gynecomastia?

During your consult, we will obtain your medical history and will explain in-depth the procedure you are interested in. The risks and benefits on surgery will be explained to you, as well as any alternative procedures.

The examination will consist of taking measurements of your breasts, including your breast width, height, and the position of your nipples.

What treatments are available?

There are two treatment options available in the case of gynecomastia. The first is excision. The glandular tissue is removed through a small incision in the lower border of the nipple.

The second option is liposuction. In this case, we may decide to take away excess fat and skin, and leave the gland tissue alone. However, if there is a possibility that the breasts will grow back over time, we may decide that removing the breast gland tissue is a better option.

What about recovery and results?

Liposuction is an outpatient procedure. You will be provided with antibiotics, pain medication, and vitamins to reduce your risk of infection, swelling, and bruising. Luckily, with male breast surgery, your incisions will be hidden so that you can be back to feeling more confident than ever!

If you have any questions about male breast surgery, we urge you to give us a call. We have handled more gynecomastia cases than you’d think! You’re not alone. Call us at Remington Oaks Medical Building Phone Number 210-496-2639 to get your confidence back!