Breast augmentation is the most popular form of plastic surgery. Often breast augmentation procedures have an extended recovery period, meaning a patient must limit strenuous activities and movements. New techniques have been developed to speed recovery time while also reducing postoperative pain and bruising.

Endoscopic Breast Augmentation:

The most sophisticated approach to breast augmentation is through a small incision in the armpit using an endoscope, or surgical camera. As the endoscope is inserted, a video of what is occurring is displayed on a screen. Due to this increased visual awareness, the implant can be strategically placed to create a more aesthetically-pleasing result.

The endoscope allows the surgeon to create symmetry, muscle division, and implant positioning under total visualization with great control and ease. The introduction of the endoscope in breast augmentation has greatly improved the accuracy and predictability of the surgery.


Endoscopic breast augmentation results in smaller scars due to minimal incisions, which means better breast shape and position, less bleeding, bruising and swelling. Together this promotes a faster, less painful, reduced recovery time.

Minimal incisions in breast surgery greatly benefits patients by limiting and camouflaging scars while maximizing the cosmetic benefits. This ensures high patient satisfaction, and if you are happy, so are we!

Endoscopic breast augmentation is a safe and effective procedure for breast enhancement, and requires great expertise. We promise the best results and ensure that you are always in good hands!

Equipment Update:
All of our equipment is serviced, inspected and certified on a regular basis so you will always receive the best treatment. Recently, we updated to brand new state-of-the-art light sources, cameras and high definition monitors. We are constantly improving the safety and effectiveness of our equipment to provide you with the most professional surgical experience!

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