sexymomAfter having a child, or multiple, many aspects of your life experience changes. Not only have you been given the gift of a newborn, but you have begun to take on a new role as “Mommy”. Even though this is a very sentimental and integral time for your family, not all arenas of becoming a new mom are perfect. Many aspects of your life have begun to change, and most for the better, however, your self-image and confidence may have taken a drop. Adjusting to the motherhood role can be difficult, and accepting your post-birth body is now something you don’t have to do.

With all your new responsibilities, working out or hitting the gym is really not a top priority when you now have a child to take care of, and for some, dieting and exercise doesn’t always work. Add a few months of breastfeeding and many sleepless nights, and your body is sure to take the appearance of a hard-working mom. Your body experiences many changes not only during pregnancy, but even after having a child. Many new mothers notice parts of their body change, leaving them unhappy with impacted areas caused by child bearing such as breasts, tummy, and waistline.

A Mommy Makeover combines various surgical procedures to restore your body after pregnancy to make you feel youthful, sexy, and most important, confident. At Lawton Plastic Surgery, we can help you get your positive self-image back, not only to benefit you, but also to improve your interactions with your loved ones. You’ve sacrificed so much during those nine-months of carrying your child, and will continue to make your family your top priority. But you deserve to feel as great as you truly are, and that’s why we believe in our Mommy Makeover procedure.

We understand you have a lot to do and you have one of the hardest jobs there is, and thats why we want to help you get wonderful results quickly so you can return to your new family. One of the biggest problems Mommies have with this procedure is that they’re worried that they won’t be able to take care of their kids. However, with a quick recovery time of about two weeks, Mothers are able to quickly jump back into their roles.

Dr. Lawton’s board-certified experience and specialization in breast augmentation, reduction, lifts and abdominoplasty, will reassure you that your in great hands. Mommy Makeovers are becoming a growing trend for woman not only to boost their self-esteem but also to increase their happiness with their families.