Breast augmentation surgery is becoming more and more popular. Here, we set the record straight about some of the persisting myths surrounding the procedure:

Myths-About-BreastMyth: They are unhealthy or dangerous.

Truth: Some used to think that breast implants caused breast cancer, autoimmune and other diseases. In the early 90s, the FDA halted the use of silicone implants while they studied the safety. The results showed that women with breast implants were no more likely to have breast cancer or other diseases than those without. The ban was lifted in 2006. Breast augmentation surgery carries the same risk as other surgeries.

Myth: They look fake or weird.

Truth: Implant procedures and materials have experienced the same growth in technology and information that the rest of the medical world has, leading to a truly natural looking implant. Choosing a reasonable size increase and location are all things that we help you do to ensure a smooth transition.

Myth: The recovery is extremely painful.

Truth: Our patients find that the pain is very manageable with prescribed pain reducers and rest.

Myth: Your new look will be ready immediately.

Truth: At the beginning of your recovery period, you may notice that your implants rest higher on your chest than you had hoped for. This is due to the muscles tightening up temporarily as a reaction to the surgery itself. Allow for several months to see your amazing new look at its 100% best.