For some people, diet and exercise results in an even reduction of unwanted “fat” throughout the body. But for most people, there are always going to be those “stubborn” areas that simply don’t respond to so-called “lifestyle” changes. For some people that stubborn area is the under arms. For others, it’s the belly or thighs. And for some people, that area is the neck, typically just under the chin.

NeckAnyone who is winning the weight game in general but still has one area of struggle will tell you stories of endless frustration. This is a scenario that usually lends itself well to cosmetic surgery.

And, when we are talking about the neck, we even have a name for it! Submental liposuction permanently removes fatty tissue cells to improve the contours of the neck and chin to complement rather than contrast the shape of your face. Tumescent liposuction is used for this area of the body and the procedure is usually done within an hour with less bleeding and pain than is common with traditional liposuction procedures. Within a week, you should be back to your regular work and other activities and with a new chin to boot!

Don’t let those “stubborn” areas get you down. When you need just a little extra help than can’t be provided by diet and exercise alone, we’ve got you covered.