Plastic surgery is a very exciting thing! The prospect of change for the better can bring up a whole host of emotions and feelings in people, almost all positive! And while it is true that we are changing your body, there are limitations to what surgery can do. Your success depends, in part, on your expectations.

Plastic-Surgery-Keeping-it-RealEntering into the cosmetic surgery journey with realistic expectations is important. That’s why one of our first jobs is to help you understand what you can expect from the procedures you are considering.

Here is a short list of the “CANs” and “CAN’Ts” of plastic surgery:

Plastic Surgery:

  • Can’t make you look the same as a celebrity.  But it CAN improve upon your looks to make a “better” you!
  • Can’t solve relationship problems.  But it CAN add to your own sense of well-being.
  • Can’t make people like you.  But it CAN boost your self-confidence, which may make you more accepting of love and friendships.
  • Can’t fix all of your problems.  But it CAN fix a specific “problem” on your face or body that has been bothering you.