Plastic-Surgery-FAQsInterested in plastic surgery? We want you to go into your consultation well prepared, so you can get the most information possible to help make the right decision for you.

Below is a list of common questions that we hear from patients that you may be curious about as well:

What Types of Anesthesia are Used?

Important questions to ask about general anesthesia include asking about the type of anesthesia, and who will be administering it. We work only with board-certified anesthesiologists to make sure you receive the correct type and amount of anesthesia for your body type, age, and size.

What will my procedure cost in total, including fees?

This is a very important and great question to ask. Anesthesia, surgeon, implants, wound healing protocols and supplements, body composition analysis, nutritional counseling, operating room, and unlimited lifetime follow-up visits are included in the fee quotes

How many procedures of this type have you performed?

We want you to feel comfortable with our skills, so we are happy to share our experience in your particular procedure. As a more experienced surgeon, I have the ability to give you a more comprehensive insight into certain procedures you may wish to get.

Am I a good candidate?

Just because an outcome of a procedure seems appealing to you doesn’t always mean that you are a good candidate for that particular procedure. We all have different body types and medical needs, and oftentimes there are multiple options for achieving the same results. If this is your case, we will discuss alternative options during your consultation.

How long of a recovery period should I expect?

Many patients have concerns about recovery times, as they have daily activities to return to. This would depend on the procedure and your body. Some bodies can recover quicker than others but there is a general time frame for each procedure. Once said procedure is established, then we will have a better time frame to give you.

Asking the right questions is key to achieving the look you want and will help take away some of the stress and doubts that you currently hold. Think you’re ready to take the next step? Call us today and set up a consultation!

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