While many of us continue to go strong with New Year’s Resolutions to lose weight, other limitations may affect your goal of a thin and toned body. Loose skin is most often related to weight loss, especially for those who were once overweight. When the body loses weight, skin often neglects to tighten, resulting in saggy skin.

While getting your body to a healthy weight is not only great for your overall health and appearance, but also for your self-confidence. After losing weight and having a rigorous exercise and diet plan, you want to be able to show off your body and wear form-fitting clothes that you feel great in. However, if all of your hard work at the gym leaves your arms flappy, your confidence may also be droopy.

It’s no surprise that many men and women look to celebrities for appearance inspiration. Celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston, Michelle Obama, Ryan Gosling, and Channing Tatum are known for their amazing arms. These celebrities, and many like them, influence many of today’s Americans to undergo arm surgery. In fact, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, arm lifts in women have skyrocketed 4,378% in just over the last decade! This magical trend is also known as a Brachioplasty and is a popular procedure amongst both men and women.

At Lawton Surgery, Brachioplasty is a common procedure that many new patients request. After an initial evaluation, where Dr. Lawton discusses the possible risks and the benefits of the procedure and determines whether am arm lift is the best procedure for you to achieve your goals, you will leave with a clear understanding of your surgical options.

The Brachioplasty procedure typically takes between 1 and 2 hours, in which excess skin and fat are removed in the Lawton AAAASF Certified Private Surgical Center. To eliminate any pain and postoperative nausea, patients are given general intravenous anesthesia. After surgery, you are free to return to the comfort of your home where you should anticipate 4 to 5 days of recovery and minimized discomfort with the help of medications to ease the pain. Since we like to make sure all of our patients are healing and recovering as expected, a follow up appointment will be booked for the day after surgery, as well as several times in the first 2 weeks.

While visible results are immediately noticed, it takes 6 weeks before wounds reach 50% of their full strength. We suggest holding off on vigorous exercise for the first couple of months; you deserve a break after all of your weight loss! Once you are recovered and healed, you’re free to throw on those sleeveless tops and enjoy your beautiful new A-list arms.

If you believe a Brachioplasty procedure could benefit you, don’t hesitate to contact Lawton Surgery for a consultation and additional information!