A common question in the field of cosmetic surgery is “When is the procedure a good idea, and when should a patient wait?”

The-Best-Reasons-to-get-Plastic-SurgeryWith that, we bring to you here some of the “best” reasons to get plastic surgery:

  • When Lifestyle Changes Aren’t Enough. So you work out every day, eat a low-sugar, plant and lean-protein based diet, and get the recommended amount of sleep, yet you can’t seem to get rid of that belly pooch or those pesky love handles. This scenario often produces very favorable results! In fact, we want our patients to be healthy before we operate on them, as it is the best thing for both their body and for the plastic surgery results! A healthy lifestyle is a sign that you are ready for cosmetic surgery.
  • Touched by Time. For some parts of the body, time (and gravity) simply work against us. As we age, our skin, muscles and ligaments lose their elasticity, causing sagging in virtually every one of the “trouble zones” that we typically treat, such as the breasts, arms, and face. A combination of tightening and removing is usually all it takes to “lift” these common problem areas.
  • Stubborn Genes. All of us inherit many of our physical traits from genetics. A common example is your nose. The shape of your nose has nothing to do with your lifestyle, but is determined almost entirely by your genetic makeup. We can help you make the most of your genetics by working with them, not against them!
  • You are looking for a confidence boost, not perfection. When you have realistic plastic surgery goals that are in line with boosting your self-confidence, you are a great candidate for the procedure. By contrast, someone who wants plastic surgery to completely turn their life around or change them into a different person is setting him or herself up for disappointment that no amount of plastic surgery will ever be able to reconcile. Patients with realistic expectations are great candidates for plastic surgery!

If you have questions about your plastic surgery desires, please don’t hesitate to call us. The process always includes a thorough evaluation of your health, your goals and your expectations to help you bring out the best “you” that we can!