Sometimes, we have patients come in who have had breast augmentation surgery in the past but have found themselves unhappy with their breasts again. These patients often make great candidates for breast implant revision surgery.

breast revisionMany factors can cause dissatisfaction with implants. Sometimes tight scarring or a buildup of scar tissue becomes uncomfortable and might have even shifted the position of the implant. Sometimes patients have had a recent change in breast size and need to alter the implant to match. And sometimes, a ruptured or leaky implant is detected that needs to be replaced.

Whatever the reason, with breast revision surgery, we can correct the various problems that are causing you to second-guess your look.

The process starts with a consultation, during which we will listen to your concerns, review your health history and investigate what is causing your dissatisfaction. We will do a thorough measurement of your breasts and a comparison from left to right.

Then we can discuss your goals for your breast revision surgery. Some common fixes that we perform in our office are changing the size of the implant, giving the breast a lift or simply changing the positioning of the implant.

Just like your original breast augmentation surgery, this procedure will likely require a similar recovery schedule. Most patients are back to work within a week.

If you are unhappy with a previous breast augmentation surgery, call us today to find out how we can help you achieve the look of your dreams!