If you haven’t been “carded” in a while or have started to hear the term “ma’am” more often than you’d care to, you may be wondering: “What is giving away my age so easily?” Don’t worry: you are not alone.

Top-5-Age-RevealersHere are the first five body parts that will betray you, revealing your age to the world (and what you can do about them):

  • Hands: A combination of near-constant exposure to the elements and a general lack of attention make hands one of the first and most obvious sites of aging on the body. Think about it: you protect your face with sunblock, a hat and treat it to special creams and lotions every morning and night, but how often in your life have you put sunblock or gloves on your hands?
    What to do? Protect the skin on your hands from further damage by starting now with daily sunblock and hand cream application plus a heavy, thick cream application (and gloves if you can sleep well with them) at night.
  • Eyes: As we age, the skin around our eyes stretches and the muscles weaken, leading to puffiness above and below the eyes. In addition to that, crows feet and fine lines become more and more of a problem.
    What to do? For excess skin on the eyelids which gives a droopy, tired look, the only real treatment is blepharoplasty (eyelid lift), during which we remove excess skin to make you more alert. For crows feet and fine lines, we offer BOTOX® which temporarily reduces the look of lines.
  • Neck: The skin on your neck is even thinner than that of your face, making it more prone to the signs of aging.
    What to do?
    Just like you do for your face, regular use of sunblock and lotions on the neck is a must. However, once you have the sagging skin, surgery is the only real option for reversal. For stubborn fat deposits under the chin, which often accentuate an already-aging neck, we offer tumescent liposuction to smooth the area and can remove excess skin at the same time.
  • Mouth Lines: Wrinkles and lines around the mouth often appear in tandem with the aging eyes. Years of smiling and facial expressions, smoking, and a lack of care can all be to blame when it comes to this common area of aging-concern.
    What to do? In addition to keeping up your regular skin-care regimen, dermal fillers (such as Juvéderm®) are a great choice for literally filling in these lines. The appointment is simple and results last for up to a year.
  • Hair: We all know what to do about grey hair (dye it), but what if your hair is thinning? Dull and thinning hair is often related to changing hormones in the body as we age and is a definite give-away in the age department!
    What to do?
    Ditch the harsh chemicals in your hair regimen and replace with natural-oil-based specialty products for cleaning, conditioning and styling.