Breast augmentation has been in practiced in the US for over 50 years, and has remained one of the United States’ most popular cosmetic surgical procedures. As the number of procedures performed, and the demand for breast augmentations continues to grow, the technology and surgical techniques for breast augmentation continues to advance. For potential-patients considering breast augmentation, here are two ‘S’s’ to ponder.

Surgical Incisions

A large majority of patients prefer to keep their breast augmentation private. With this, it’s important to consider the size and location of incisions. With advancements in technique and produces, the appearance of scars has been significantly improved. Most incisions will be inframmamry (under the breast fold), peri-areolar (around the areolar), or transaxillary (under the armpit).

woman holding breasts

Size & Selection

Everyone is different anatomically, that being said, it’s very important for patients to choose a size that fits them perfectly. Taking measurements and creating a method for visualization (i.e. filling stockings with rice to create a mock implant) are both great ways to understand what size implant is appropriate for the patient’s anatomy and desired results.

After pondering surgical incisions, and size and selection, patients should feel most importantly: supported, self-confident, and satisfied. Regardless of a patient’s breast augmentation decisions, the final goal is to make sure that the patient receives their desired results in the smoothest manner possible.

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