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A little bit about me, Male 6' 1" 200lbs and average/fit. I lift and exersize bi daily. My chest was the size of most petite womens breast. It was embarrassing and made daily life uncomfortable. Like wearing Jackets 9 Mouths out of the years kinda stuff.My procedure was a double mastectomy plus removing alot of exses skin.I was very nervous going into my appointment , more because i was ashamed of my chest. Within a short time Dr. Lawton made me feel very comfortable and got right down to business. I had the procedure done about 5 days ago and i can wear shirts that before would not even button. Cant wait to fully heal so that i can just be one of the guys and not spend my life hiding my chest, Dr.Lawton if you by chance get to read this, thank you for giving me my confidence and carefree life back. Matthew Z

- Matthew Z

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