Our Latest Patient Testimonial

Dr Lawton was my "second opinion" regarding an issue with a breast implant. My scheduled appointment was at 4:00pm....I left his office at 5:30. The reason I write the time is because Dr Lawton was WITH ME FOR THAT ENTIRE TIME.....FOR A "CONSULT"!! Dr. Lawton took his time with my issue, MY goals, and MY expectationshis. He listened and actually HEARD what I had to say and what my concerns were. After our "consult", he examed my breast and actually created a PLAN for my particular issue which DIDN'T INCLUDE SURGERY at this point in time!! This is what sealed the deal for me!! Dr Lawton could have EASILY said having surgery was my only option at this point, and "made" another 10K....HE DIDN'T! Instead, we agreeded on a "Plan A" before a potential surgical "Plan B". Now, to add on to my very successful visit, I am going to his office once a week AT NO CHARGE for my particular issue. (PLEASE don't think Dr Lawton does this for every issue. While, he may, I am speaking ONLY of my issue). I could not recommend Dr Lawton more! If you are seeking plastic surgery, PLEASE do yourself a favor and see Dr Lawton BEFORE deciding on a surgeon!! He will not disapppint! And not to dismiss his staff and office....The office is aesthetically BEAUTIFUL and decorated like anything you have ever seen...and his staff, while each one is also beautiful, is very friendly and accommodating in their right.

- Logan R

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