Our Latest Patient Testimonial

I looked into having a tummy tuck 4 years ago. I even had pre op performed, and allowed others and myself to change my mind. 4 years later, I finally realize that my happiness, self-worth, confidence, self-esteem, and joy directly relate to MY choices! I consulted with several doctors, including Dr. Lawton. Dr. Lawton’s credentials, skills, and expertise are admirable and patient satisfaction is consistent. When I contacted Dr. Lawton’s office for a consultation, I was welcomed by his friendly and professional staff. As I am a ‘List Person’, he did not mind addressing each item on my list of questions and concerns. I left his office with feelings of comfort and trust. At age 59, my tummy tuck was performed December 8, 2016. During the past 3 months, Dr. Lawton provided me with straightforward instruction, guidance, honesty and understanding. When I over-extend myself, he firmly advised me without hesitation. HE CARES! HE REALLY, REALLY CARES!! Honestly, I have experienced swelling, discomfort, boredom, lack of patience, and excitement. Because of patient feedback, these feelings were not a surprise but an understanding that they are part of the journey. I am happy with my results at 3 months and really look forward to the continued body changes. Thank you Dr. Lawton for being part of my journey allowing me to continue to enjoy myself and LIFE!!! I RECOMMEND DR. GARY LAWTON!

- Stephanie J

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