Our Latest Patient Testimonial

If you have breast implant illness I highly recommend Dr. Gary Lawton from San Antonio Texas. He performed an En Bloc Capsulectomy on me and saved my life. I had MANY symptoms of BII but the worst ones were brain fog, memory loss, visual disturbances, kidney pain, and NO energy. I would get EXAUSTED just taking a shower! When I went to visit Dr. Gary Lawton he answered all my questions and told me “Let’s get you feeling better.” Those words brought tears to my eyes because I felt so sick. I was scared of surgery because of how weak I was feeling but his nurses comforted me. Everyone was so nice to me at Dr. Lawton’s office. I had a wonderful experience and I am happy to report that ALL my symptoms are gone. I’m back to doing my hair and makeup and running after my kids and taking them to practices and games. I can see at night and no more brain fog! I am so happy with the outcome and recommend Dr. Gary Lawton 100%!

- Janice G

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