Our Latest Patient Testimonial

I had a breast reduction with a tummy tuck on 9/11/2018. Currently I am 8 days post op and would do it again. I have never taken the time to write a review; however, Dr Lawton and his ENTIRE staff deserve a review. I’ll start off that I’m 5’3”; weigh 213 pounds, and I have always had to stuff myself into a 38 DDD bra. At the age; of 17 my PCP advised me to see a plastic surgeon because my breast was so disproportionate with the rest of my body. He expressed that I would have a future of back and shoulder pain with out doing so. That being said; I never really thought it would be an option, as I have always had an unrealistic phobia of intubation and not waking up after surgery. Over the last several years; my back and shoulders were indeed, causing me concern. My personal demons had to be conquered. I found; it wasn’t so much the weight that bothered me. I realized my HUGE breast and my lower abdominal flap (courtesy of two pregnancies, no matter how much I tried would not go away) were what truly made me unhappy and uncomfortable in my own skin. There are plenty of beautiful plus size people in the world and finally accepted that about me. Two years ago; I began to research procedures and surgeons. With the research complete regarding what I wanted done and following the surgeons I wanted to consult, I made an appointment with Dr. Lawton first. During the initial consultation; Dr. Lawton gave my husband and I, a more realistic view of what he could do. I could not come out looking like Barbie. His honesty and confidence; eased me and my husband’s fears to the point my husband said “THIS is the surgeon for us!” Immediately afterwards; we met Veronica (finance). Veronica took time to fully explain everything to me, eliminating more of my fears. Next; we met with a pre-op nurse. Ana RN was absolutely wonderful. She went over everything again from A to Z gladly answering all our questions; never rushing or making me feel as another number. Another of my biggest fears was pain management. Ana RN took extra time to reassure me, with the proper pain management and positioning I could be in minimal pain. (On day 2 post op; I realized she had spoken the truth. Only 2 days post op; I honestly wasn’t in pain.) Next stop on my initial consultation was with True Med for proper education in wound care through nutrition. (Dr Lawton really focuses on wound care.) Melissa and Jennifer RN at the True Med clinic; explained how to prepare my body for surgery with proven nutrients my body wound need to heal. The staff were excellent; never making me feel uncomfortable. Never once was I judged for my weight at all. On the day of surgery; I was so very scared but was met with the most wonderful smiling reassuring team. Julie RN brought me into the prep area and explained what to expect in detail. Again, she gave me her full attention and care. Once more met with Dr Lawton prior to surgery beginning. The surgical areas were measured in such precise detail. Dr. Lawton did not leave much to guess when it came to the procedures and my body outcome. I could tell immediately; he was a perfectionist, wanting to be sure that his work was what I expected. Afterwards I met with the anesthesiologist Dr. M. He listened to my fears regarding intubation. He took his time treating me with respect and courtesy. Dr. M talked to me the whole time; never rushing me or growing impatient with me. Thereby decreasing my anxiety further until we entered the OR. Here I was greeted with two more nurses (Laura and Maria RN) that reviewed the procedures again with me before having narcotics administered for surgery. My family assure me these professionals were absolutely wonderful in my care and recovery. Although, I wasn’t really able to remember them (anesthesia makes you loopy) my family does. Their understanding of compassion for my family is priceless to me. The nurses and anesthesiologist took time to reassure my family even though I know there was another patient behind me. One nurse went above and beyond to make sure my husband and mother knew how to provide aftercare and such. She never took for granted that they just knew how to care for me. On my post op visit the next day when Dr Lawton removed the bandages I started crying. Once looking down at my breast, I was so happy for the first time since 6th grade. I had normal size breasts even with the swelling. For the first time in a VERY long time I am comfortable in my own skin. Dr Lawton did not just give me what I asked for; he gave a little piece of me back. With my sincerest of appreciation; Thank you Dr Lawton and Team for giving me such wonderful care. So, if you are wanting plastic surgery done yet are afraid to move forward - do your research, get a consult. From my prospective, you will find no one better than Dr. Lawton and Team. Let Dr Lawton and his team show you the kindness they obviously bestow all their patients as they did me. I can assure you if I had known what I do now I would not have wanted 2 years.

- Jennifer E

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