Our Latest Patient Testimonial

Five years ago I went to Dr.Lawton to get my breasts done. This was a surgery I always knew I would get since the age of 15. I had finished my consultation and had the money in hand - ready to pay, ready to go. At this time I had an uncontrolled thyroid issue due to being diagnosed with Graves Disease. Dr.Lawton refused to do the surgery because of my health issues. My heart was broken. My dream crushed! He said he would not put my life in jeopardy, that they were not equipped to handle something like a thyroid storm and didn’t want to risk it. All I heard was NO and was devastated, even cried! A week later my health deteriorated so bad, I ended up having a thyroid storm!! I had emergency surgery to have my thyroid removed. Fast forward to today. I am three weeks post op and not only am I alive,and extremely healthy! I now have my beautiful new breasts and I could not be happier. I am so thankful to Dr.Lawton for not only doing an incredible job on my surgery but for being such a professional and refusing to do it five years ago. You hear horror stories all the time about plastic surgeons who only care about the money. Dr.Lawton truly cares about his patients. Don’t go anywhere else! If you’re looking for the best, you’ve found it! Thank you Dr.Lawton!! A gifted, respectful, ethical surgeon. What more could you want ?!

- Maria Y

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