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Five years ago, after a diagnosis of breast cancer, I had a bi-lateral mastectomy and was given the Allergen textured implants. After learning of the cancer risks and with my Oncologist's urgent advice, I wanted those implants out! For me the choice was to have the implants replaced, or go totally flat. I spent endless hours on the Breast Implant Illness and the Fierce, Flat, Forward Facebook pages, and could see that other womens' surgeon choices yielded great, but more often, horrible results. I live in San Antonio, and Dr. Gary Lawton had extremely high patient recommendations on these facebook pages. So my husband and I had a consultation with him, and we were hugely impressed! He took the time to answer all my questions, and gave me his best professional advice for my particular situation (breast skin at risk of necrosis/doubts about re-implanting/fears of going flat, etc). Two other recommended surgeons whom I saw confirmed what Dr. Lawton was telling me.I committed to go with Dr. Lawton and go flat (best decision I ever made!). A couple days before my 2-27-20 surgery, I showed him a photo of someone who had a flat closure procedure and asked if he could make me look like her, and he said "No, I can make you look better than her" and he did! He is an artist! I am extremely please to be rid of my toxic textured implants and more pleased with how I now look and feel. I am so thankful I chose Dr.Lawton as my surgeon. His emphasis on proper pre-surgery prep with the right diet and supplements had my body ready for the trauma of the surgery. In light of his office being shut-down due to the Covid crisis, the follow-up care I received was awesome! He followed my progress with the photos and messages I emailed to him, and he took great care to see that I received everything I needed for a great recovery. Anyone who is looking for plastic surgeon that will give fantastic results should definitely schedule an appointment with Dr. Gary Lawton. Thanks Dr. Lawton!!!!

- Tamara J

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